Our beloved Jasper

Sandy & I would like to thank gateway for the quick & caring response to the loss of our beloved golden doodle Jasper. As he was passing of cancer gateway took all my calls to sort out the next steps. in the end he passed at home with us by his side & we arramged with gateway to drop jasper off in smithsville. We were greated kindly with care. jasper was cremated & returned to us in less that 2 business days :)
Thanks again for great caring & quick service. Jasper is now resting back at home with the family he loved & loved him


Buggsy. A unique Very special Bunny.

10 years with us, our 12 year bunny was our first Family pet. He became quite affectionate over the years and always let us know when he wanted attention. So very hard to make the decision to let them go. Rip Buggy and thank you gateway for the paw print. We wondered how it would turn out and it Is perfect!


such great care and beautiful custom urn

After losing my beloved Tasha after 14.5 years, i entrusted gateway with her remains to cremate and create a beautiful custom ceramic urn of her. even though it was going take additional time to do this, I believed that it was worth it for my sweet girl. when i received the call from my veterinary's office that my package was there for pick up, i was sad but excited to have her home. i was not disappointed. tasha's remain came back to me beautifully packaged and the custom urn came out perfect. she was transformed back to a puppy with wings. the cremation certificate is a wonderful touch. I love it so much and will cherish it always. I highly recommend gateway to anyone who has lost a pet and would like to honour them in a beautiful way to cherish forever. Thank you!!!

Michelle Goodridge

Such care

I live 2.5 from any city and had to have my sweet boy put down in july 2023..after travelling an hour to the nearest town and doing the hardest thing ever..the vet informs me that gateway would be handling the cremation.i never talked to anyone at gateway but i picked out his box and told he would be returned to me in a few weeks..well i picked him up 2day and the care of these people is stunning and remarkable.the cremation certificate.the box.the bag he was in and the gift bag was all immacualte and so obviously placed with such care.after crying my eyes out and getting my boy home i had another cry and had to come on here and say thank you from the bottom of my heart.Rowdy will never be forgotten and neither will the care you all must of put into doing what you did.
thank you again and please all of you..stay well and stay wonderful.you truly made me not feel grossed out or worried stuff was done right.
many hugs and love to you all.


Heartfelt Thank You

I want to express My and my family's sincerest thanks for the respectful and loving manner my sweet cat FLORA LILY WAS TREATED. GATEWAY DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB SEEING TO HER FINAL REMAINS. I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL.


Mal Bisram-Johnston


Our family is forever grateful for the prompt caring service provided by you In bringing home our beautiful boy Tyson after losing him in a sudden unexpected and very heartbreaking way. Thank you for the services you provide to grieving families who have had to say goodbye to our beloved 4legged companions.


Delilah Taylor

Our family is forever thankful For the beautiful & quick service In bringing home our lilah girl in this unexpected and very heartbreaking time.


Thank you Gateway for the excellent aftercare of our beloved Shadow…

Sadly, in December 2022, on a snowy Wednesday afternoon, we said our final goodbyes to our beloved dog Shadow. Our Vet uses and highly recommended Gateway Pet Memorial for the aftercare of our beautiful Shadow. So with the help and support of our caring Vet and his staff all the arrangements were made with Gateway (Ottawa location) and we have no regrets. At the start, we did experience a bit of a snag/mishap and it's because our Vet clinic is located 40 minutes east of Ottawa and Gateway only goes there once a week on Wednesday morning for pick ups. So sadly and to no fault of Gateway or our Vet, we had missed the morning pick up and our Shadow had to remain at the Vet clinic for one week until Gateway's next Wednesday pick up. We were heartbroken and the waiting was excruciating, but we persevered and when the week was over, we called Gateway and a very caring and compassionate lady named Shannon comforted us with the good news that Shadow had arrived at Gateway and would be ready to return home in seven days. Shannon also patiently attended to our concerns and questions and also kindly made accommodations for us to pick up Shadow's remains at Gateway instead of out of town at our Vet clinic. And as promised, exactly seven days later, our Shadow was ready to come home. We were so happy. When we arrived at Gateway, we were very fortunate to have Brad (Manager, Ottawa location) greet us at the door. Brad immediately made us feel welcomed and at ease and wasted no time in presenting us with the most precious gift... our Shadow's ashes. Brad gently placed Shadow's ashes in our hands... we were overwhelmed with joy and relief to have our Shadow back. Brad then placed Shadow's ashes inside a beautiful blue silk sachet, then placed the sachet with the ashes inside a gorgeous cedar urn with Shadow's name engraved on top. Then Shadow's urn was placed inside a beautiful blue velvet bag. Brad also provided us with a lovely Gateway tote bag to carry our Shadow's urn along with a Certificate of Cremation and a Support Guide to help with our loss. We are very touched by the care, compassion and professionalism that Brad and Shannon and the team at Ottawa's Gateway provided and eternally grateful for the dignity and respect that was bestowed upon our beloved Shadow and our family. Gateway Pet Memorial (Ottawa location) truly delivered on their promise and services, we are very pleased and would definitely recommend them. Our heartfelt thanks to our Vet and his staff and to everyone at Ottawa's Gateway Pet Memorial for helping us get through a very sad and difficult time.


The Guerard Family

P.S. As a friendly positive feedback, perhaps other options can be suggested or provided regarding out of town pick ups of our beloved pets.

Line & Ron Guerard


On Jan.11th I had to euthanize my little maltese/Shih-tsu WHO was my BFF for 17 years. The Vet botched the process and it was traumatizing for us both! The receptionist gave us incorrect information regarding the number of days we had to make a decision about her ashes. Long story short, there was what turned out to be an 11th hour request to have her cremated and her ashes returned to us! We finally reached Dierdra at Gateway memorial very last minute and she was just wonderful! Compassionate, understanding, sympathetic and very kind. We felt our Peanut was in good hands! My son brought her home to me with her little paw print tastefully done, her ashes in a beautiful velvet wrapped wooden box and certificate of cremation as well. It was more than I expected. Thank you Gateway for " saving the day" and turning an otherwise horrific experience into something that provided her respect and peace. She's home now and I have you and dierdra to thank for it. You really do "get it". Well done!!


Making it easier

My beautiful boy died at 15 and I was heartbroken over it. Not many people understand what our pets MEAN to us. I wanted to bring home my cat and the box was so beautiful and placed in velvet. I also received the certificate. I can see the way everything was prepared that they knew and understood how deeply I loved my boy. Thank you so much.

Ramona Archer