Paw Print

I have recently lost our beloved Spaz. This is the second feline we have lost and done Paw prints for.
aos had just the paw print in clay and we sent it in and had his paw transferred to a new stone.
Beautiful Love them.
Thank you Gateway for a beautiful memory.
Toronto Ontario.

Menier Janet


Riley passed away January 31 2021, 20 years old.
Got him cremated Got the best and excellent service. I am very very pleased with your service. Got more than I expected. This cremation was excellent. Very very happy with everything.
Thanks so much. Love it. Well done. love mom & dad.

Our beloved Jake jaKie boy ❤️

I would like to thank all of the staff at Gateway Memorial for the wonderful work they did and the caring they all gave to our loving pet and family member Jake.
I would especially want to thank Nelson who went the extra mile and was instrumental in keeping our Family up to date as to what was happening with our beloved Jake.
I picked up Jake’s remains this morning from the Lola Animal Hospital located on Lola street in Ottawa .
I was very pleased with the quality of the packaging and presentation I saw when the staff member handed me the bag which had the urn that held Jake’s remains as well as all the accessories purchased.
Although it took three weeks for Jake to return home I understand that covid 19 played a part in the time it took to finalize the work required to prepare Jake for home.
After looking at all the detail involved and the professional way that the accessories were completed, Jake’s paw print, excellent work, a part of Jake’s fur, the attention to the message to be placed on Jake’s urn, the quality of the urn, I now fully understand why it took three weeks from start to finish to complete the work involved.
Please accept our sincere gratitude for handling this very difficult situation we went through with the passing of our beloved pet and Family member Jake Jakie Laurin ❤️
Robert and Nicole Laurin



I was completely blown away by the beautiful packing and the lovely urn when I picked up my boy Jackie. The royal blue was so stunning. The care you took of my precious German Shepherd will never be forgotten. Thank you for preparing a lovely home for his ashes to rest. Cindy and family


Tigger our beloved loved fur baby

tThank you gateway for doing my creamation for my beloved loved fur baby Tigger Ziedins born 2002 -November 23, 2020. Tigger was with us almost 17 years I picked him up when he lost his first home in 2002 I remember when I went to get him, he so sweet and friendly my heart broke to see him in this cage at the animal centre in aurora, Ontario. It was a cold January month when we got him, he has filled our hearts so much in the years, Tigger loved his treats, also always waited for us to come home from work, Tigger always wakes us up in the mornings, sleeps with us at the foot of the bed, liked to sit on the chair on warm summer months at the front door with his human mom, We miss all his little activities during the day. He will always be loved and remembered till we meet again at the rainbow bridge my love, Your human parents and other members of the family misses you very much. Thank you gateway for doing great job.


Tigger our beloved loved cat

My services was done with my veterarinary clinic Rouge River Animal clinic for Tigger Ziedins which we had to let him go because of cancer, we were very sad of his passing. Gateway did his cremation and was done very beautiful I have Tigger on my cupboard in our bedroom which I know he liked to be in and sleep, we know he is around the house and well always be missed. Love from your human parents and the rest of your family members.


so beautiful

We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Waylon after nearly 12 years together. Cremation arrangements were made through the amazing staff at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital. We received Waylon's remains back today and when I pulled the cedar box out of the packaging, I was overcome by the beauty of the box. We had no idea his name would be engraved on the top of the box. He is on the fireplace mantle now which gives me comfort since his favorite spot on a cold day was curled up with me in front of the fireplace. Thank you Gateway staff for taking such care and making everything so personal and special.

The sather family

Thank you From the bottom of our hearts

We had to put to rest our beloved boxer, Orion, on October 14th, 2020. He had just turned 10 a few days before and to say this has been hard on my family is an understatement. I picked him up today to bring him home forever. I cried as I opened the box as we did not expect his paw print or fur. To say anything would truly be an understatement. Thank you for helping bring our sweet boy home to us forever. We cant thank you for handling him with such love and care until he got back to us.

The Washock family

Gabriel Prince Thoppil 2004 – 2016

Gabriel, our 16 year old, sweet angel, closed his eyes for the last time on April 8, 2020. On September 4, 2020, nearly 5 months after his passing the cremation was held at Gateway Pet Memorial. The COVID-19 guidelines allowed only 3 people inside the building, so the staff arranged for Gabriel to be brought outside so that the entire family could be with him to say our goodbyes.
Thank you, Gateway, for being there for us during a very difficult time in our lives. The care and dignity that the staff gave to our beautiful boy was the reason that made it possible for us to get a closure. It is because of such compassionate, caring people that some the darkest moments in life turn into fond memories.
With much gratitude,
The Thoppil Family


Awesome visitation service

We want to thank Stacey for organizing a wonderful visitation for our pet, Flash. The team at Gateway had preserved our pet very well and also presented him very well. He looked so realistic and lifelike, that it gave us great satisfaction bidding our final goodbye to our pet. The last moments with him before the cremation are very memorable and the experience was far better than what we had expected or imagined, especially in these difficult COVID times. A big thanks to the team at Gateway Guelph once again.