My Heart – Rhylee Elizabeth

I have never been able to have children. Rhylee, picked me. The moment I saw her I was in love. We brought her home and had no idea this spazzy little ball of fur was going to command our hearts as she did. It was a very quick and surreal loss. She just got tired on Sunday and at 530 Monday morning, she was gone. Peacefully here at home in our bathroom. I was shredded. There was no consoling me. I found no peace. I didn't see her suffer in debilitating pain. I didn't have to wrestle with the "am I making the right choice?" She chose. The pain, the heartbreak it was always there. Stealing my breath. Bringing her back home felt like a brand new day of hurt and loss. Would I ever be ok without her? No. Definitely not. I lost my angel on November 5th 2018. On March 30th 2019, my friend brought me to the humane society. There we found Charlie. This boy, wow!! His sister sure is doing a great job guiding him. Having my baby angel home and a bit of her in my infinity pendant keeps her right beside my heart where she belongs. I am forever grateful for the care that went into my babies aftercare. I am not a strong enough person to be able to handle the work you all at Gateway do, but I am so happy that you, if you have any type of hand in the workings of this centre, thank you. Your work means so much.



Thank you so much for the beautiful way our sweet girl Hershey was returned to us. The urn is a gorgeous sand colour with a blue ribbon and little wooden heart with her name engraved on it, and it was nestled in a cozy velvet bag. We also received a certificate of cremation and a pamphlet on pet grief and loss. It was more caring and compassion than I ever expected to receive at this most difficult time in our lives.

Amy Hoyle


I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the services provided by Gateway. After losing Patches in August we were devastated to have Moose being euthanized the following month. When we were told that the urn we requested was not available until November, we pick out a beige urn. We indicated that all of our other pets had the blue urn and when we receive Moose we were surprise and grateful to see that his was also blue. Thank you for making this trying time easier when Moose arrived home. Helen and Don Sutherland


Beautiful job

Hi there,
Although our vet ( Forest Glade Animal Hospital) in Windsor, communicated with Gateway on our behalf, we are still very impressed with their services. On February 27, 2021, we said goodbye to our female German Shepherd. Then just a few days ago, not quite 7 months later, our male GSD was put down. Both were unexpected and completely devastating. Today, we received our boys ashes. They sit in the curio cabinet with our girls ashes. The presentation alone shows that much care and respect are taken. Their clay paw prints are well done too. Thank you for taking care of Harly and Jax. Both cedar urns with their names carved on top are just beautiful. Losing 2 dogs in 7 months is unimaginable. But having them back home brings us comfort. Thank you for taking special care of our babies.
Cindy and Henry Karch

Cindy Karch


My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the staff at Gateway for their kindness, compassion and patience with me during a most difficult time. We had to say good-bye for our lovely dear boy Patton (GSD) on July 31, 2021 at just over 11 yrs of age. Carrie at the Guelph office was so pleasant and understanding and spent the time with me explaining all of my options. We chose a private cremation along with a final farewell to our boy at the Ottawa location. A VERY SPECIAL thanks to Alexandra at the Ottawa location who supported me through the entire process the day Patton was cremated. Alexandra's compassion, and empathy meant the world to me. It was so comforting to have Alexandra there and for that, I am forever grateful. The staff during the actual cremation were also very compassionate and respectful. I was able to bring our boy home later that day in the beautiful urn of our choosing. Thank you again Gateway for all that you do! You made a very sad time feel healing.



….I really don’t know exactly where to begin with my praise & thanks to this amazing team….
From allowing me to bring my fur baby directly to you (Hazel) to the ever expanding “options” with the aftercare wishes (Purrogie.. Rusty)…. I haven’t been left behind or let down.
The time & care …. My numerous emails of ideas and thus questions for the artists … THE ARTISTS.

Anything that is “fur” matched or photo matched… well my creative craZy mind started flickering — years ago it was colors off the regular chart, now it’s sparkles & whatever thoughts I lay out that are what remind me of my fur baby & will be the momento(s) to continue to be that HAPPY rememory of them always. I love how nothing I ask is too insane, and everyone is SO HELPFUL!

Gateway Pet Memorial & the team members keeping strong … I am furever grateful for the ways you help me stay attached to my fur babies who have crossed the rainbow bridge xoxox 🌈

Madeleine masters

our sincere thanks

After the lost of our precious Zoe, we made the decision to have her cremated as she was so special to us. Our Vetenerian team were excellent and so supportive through this process and already dealt with Gateway so we decided to trust them. We were blown away by Gateway professionalism and the dignity with which both Zoe and ourselves were treated. I would definitely recommend them.

Zeus’ Cremains

It is devastating losing a beloved family member, that’s what our dog Zeus, was to us. When I picked up Zeus’ cremains, I was extremely impressed by the care shown by Gateway. He was returned to us in the most respectful way. Zeus’ gorgeous urn came with his name engraved on it, which was an added touch and surprise. The urn was placed in a beautiful, velvet blue bag. Also included, was a sympathy card, ‘Certificate of Cremation’, along with grief literature to help with our loss. I was so happy I cried, it means everything to our family to have Zeus back with us. Thank you Gateway, please know how grateful we are for the respect shown in Zeus’ aftercare.
The Fleck-Morse family


Thank you for giving me a peaceful heart

I want to thank you for the gentle handling & respect of my lovely bunny girl. I was heartbroken after the sudden loss of my beautiful Poesy. There was no doubt she would be privately cremated & I would keep her ashes. I was able to pick out a beautiful purple urn with a ribbon & a engraved heart for her. It was perfect & special just like her. Her urn now holds a place of honor in our home. Thank you for preserving her memory for me. I also appreciate in my time of sorrow that you returned her ashes to me promptly.

Aleka Sunday

Keena is home

Thank you so much for the care you showed to our dog Keena.
You are the first that has gone beyond our expectations to show care, and class.
I will never go anywhere else again.
Thank you for understanding how she was a family member not just a pet!

Alana Issler, May 2021