Wallace Bachman

1995 - 2007

Wallace we love you and miss you more than you could ever know You were the best protecter in the world and you always found a way to cheer us up and make us laugh and ofcourse you are always and will be top dog and thank you for being grandpa and teaching the others .Daddy saved your life and you fought for him just like he fought for you.And coming over everytime your lil kitty brother got out you came and found him for us.Daddy says sorry for the times you had to be boarded ,Daddy always came back for you,and you and sharky were homeward bound when Daddy searched for you both in Silver Lake and made sure you both had food all the time and paid the rent for you both. You were both running back to Daddy when he called you that day in Griffith Park. We all love you wait for us and we will see you again once we have crossed over too.