2003 - 2012

I wish to let everyone know that after a tough, courageous and admirable battle with at first diabetes, and then kidney failure, our beloved Tiglet passed away surrounded by the utmost love this morning. Ultimately, kidney failure progressed so rapidly that it could no longer be controlled and it was the best choice to make before it became too unbearable for Tiglet, that she pass away peacefully.

Tiglet fought a horrible disease while having countless medications and injections on a daily basis. She was truly a trooper and I'll always admire her strength.

For those that knew Tiglet, you were very fortunate. She was not your average cat. She had spunk, was an attention seeker, enjoyed following around mommy and daddy, going for outdoor walks on her little harness and leash (she walked better than most dogs!) and was very smart and attentive. She preferred to be around us than take cat naps that included waking us up so she could snuggle up and sleep with us. She disliked when we went to work and definitely let us know it. However, she would always be by the door waiting to welcome us home with her tail up at its highest. She lived each day to the fullest and brought a smile to each person she met and knew.

Tiglet was the best part of me and was and will always be my best friend. We will miss her dearly, never forgetting that she was our little "spoiled princess with a fur coat".

Tiglet will remain in our hearts and memories forever. She was truly one of a kind and irreplaceable. We will miss how she always wanted to see and smell what was for dinner, miss the way she would tell US she wanted to eat and all her little facial expressions and her quirky little sounds, mannerisms and running like a maniac around the house.

Till we see you again my shining angel. I know you will be in heaven sticking your nose where it doesnt belong and letting everyone know you have arrived. I will miss those beautiful eyes and your quirky little remarks the most. Sleep tight, play safe, and behave and we'll be together again very soon. I'll search all ends of heaven for you when it's my time. I promise.

We love you and will never forget you. You have left a permanent indent in our hearts, minds and souls. We love you baby.

Love always Mommy, Daddy and Janie (yes Janie misses you)