1999 - 2010

Statham was born on February 14th 1999 and was unfortunatley taken on June 24th 2010 he was 11 years old.
He was an amazing cat but so much more he was a companion, a friend, and was family to many of us. He was an exceptional cat with a great personality he enjoyed most of his time laying around in the sun but is remembered fondly for his weird quirks like scratching at walls, laying on his back, drinking from the tap, his odd meow or his little spurts of energy where he would play goalie. He was a funny cat and was very affectionate and will be missed a great deal.

He also had many nicknames given to him by his family and friends he was 1 of a kind and there will never be another Statham.

We miss you and send lots of love, hugs, kisses and many head butts.

Lots of Love your family...

Lisa Jeff Potvin & Habbi...