1992 - 2010

To My Sheba Lady Of My Heart
It seems so long ago those sparkling little eyes made contact with mine
I knew in an instant, I had to have you, I knew you were already mine
You were one of those special ones, a once in a life time find,
Some call it a kindred spirit, a deep connection of the heart and mind.
I knew you were special, and you had much love to give.
So with my heart full joy I brought you home to live.
I had to convince your Daddy there was room in our lives for you.
But I thought I would let you do that, and it wasn’t hard for you.
You jumped in his lap with that ball you loved so much
You won him in an instant, your daddy’s heart was touched
With spunk and an endless, playful heart, you danced, you pranced, you leaped and bounced, you smothered us with kisses, and you filled our hearts with joy.
You dazzled us with those big ears as you hung on every word
I knew you understood me, better than anyone ever could
You would tilt your head side to side with every word I spoke
We could not contain ourselves it was better than the funniest Joke
I loved the sound of your bark, call me crazy, but you know I did
To me you were just talking, as if you were my kid
One squeak of that almighty ball sent your tail a whirl
And you couldn’t get there fast enough, behind you the dust would hurl
I never seen dog like you I doubt I ever will
Now there will be an empty spot, no other dog can fill
18 years God blessed me with the wonderful gift of you
My final gift to you is an unselfish act of love
To let you go to the one who created you somewhere up above.
I have heard there’s a Rainbow Bridge were all our beloved pets go
To run and play with the other pets,
There are plenty of doggy toys, and Doggy balls there too,
and your Daughter Shasta has been waiting there for you
Now I know you can run and play again as you once did
Eat Daddy’s favorite Ice cream, as if you were a kid
My heart you take with you, don’t miss me too much
Someday I will cross that bridge till then your memory I clutch
My heart is very heavy my Soul is bathed with Tears
I guess I should be thankful for 18 wonderful years
It’s time to say goodbye my friend till we meet again someday
You will be in my heart forever, and your never far away
My purpose for writing this is to let the whole world Know,
She was not just a dog to me, She was my heart and Soul

In Loving Memory of (Lady of my Heart) Sheba Aug24th 1992 to July 10th 2010