2000 - 2010

Scooty: I had just turned 13 when I picked you out in the pet shop and insisted on making you a part of our family. The happiest day of my childhood was the day I got to bring you home. From that day on, my heart belonged to you. I'll never forget the day that you hopped over a 4-foot baby gate and went searching for me while I was at school. You were only 8 weeks old, and weighed only a couple pounds. I found you upstairs in my bedroom, underneath my favourite chair, sound asleep. You filled my life with love, happiness, laughter, and you kept me strong whenever I was sad or weak. You will always be a very precious member of our family, and we can only hope that we were able to fill your life with the same love that you filled ours with. Right now saying goodbye to you seems impossible, but I know I will always carry you in my heart wherever life takes me. I love you so much Scooter!!!