1995 - 2010

The time had come to say goodbye to the most loyal friend in the world. It was very hard but we could no longer watch our baby suffer, he’s been too good of a friend & now it’s time to let him rest in peace. We have been so full of tears as Sammy has been my little shadow for many years, I went to Tim Horton’s tonight & bought Sammy & I each a cup to have our last coffee together. We were with him as he drifted off to sleep. We have had many good times with him & will miss him dearly. He has & always will be a special part of our family & it just won’t be the same without him following me around begging for my coffee each morning & having our breakfasts together. Sammy came to live with us February 18th 2000, 4 months before he was 5 years old. I always said he was my birthday present & he was the best present ever! He brought so much happiness here & just when you got upset about something he would be there with his cute little face & that would make it all better!! He was a friend, a child, a good listener, a counsellor, a pet & a whole lot of fun. I will miss him more than anything. God bless you Sammy, you deserve a rest my loving friend. You will NEVER be forgotten. XOXOXO