1991 - 2009

Our old girl slipped away peacefully in Emily’s loving arms on November 9, 2009 at 18 years, 2 months and 5 five days. Her health had been failing over the last few months and simple things like walking and eating became very challenging for her, although she still had a great appetite. She had been blind for a while and could no longer find her way around that familiar house the way she used to, and she no longer heard us when we called her name, but we still talked to her and she knew we were there. On her last day she had a good day. She spent time outside and wandered around the house most of the day, as if she was getting one last look. She ate her dinner, and the cat’s dinner, and then the ultimate treat that she begged for all her life but was never allowed to have – a Nutella sandwich! One last trip in the car came at 8 pm, this time not with her head out the window catching the wind like she used to love to do. She was a very proud little dog who thought she was big and she lived a long, dignified life and left us with countless wonderful memories. Rest in peace, our sweet little girl. Here’s hoping that there are lots of rabbits in heaven.