1996 - 2011

Dear Roxi,

We were so very close, we three
but we had to let you go
We hope that you can understand
it was because we loved you so.
No more pain, no aching limbs
no earthly ties that bind
No dimming eyes, no sleepless nights
you've left them all behind
We lost you,
and gained a broken heart
Yet we feel you close to us
although we are apart
Sometimes when we're all alone,
We feel you by our side,
As if to try and comfort us,
through all the nights we've cried
One of us thought we saw you here today,
out the corner of our eye,
Felt soft black fur against our skin,
heard the faintest sigh.
So wait for us at Rainbow Bridge
Until we meet once more
then we will walk together again
through Heaven's open door...