1996 - 2011

Rocky was with me for 15 years. He was the one consistent thing in my life, and without him, I feel an empty place in my heart, our family does. We named him Rocky because he had a small scar on his nose when I first brought him home. It was from the holes of a tomato box he tried to work his way out of on the car ride to his new home. He was always a true companion, he had his odd habits, and funny sounds, and love of food (romaine lettuce and tuna!), tissue paper and pipe cleaners. I see him in every room I enter and remember him in some many memories. His hair was always on everything, I always found that I would give anything to see his hair on my clothes. He went peacefully. He will always be my buddy, I will love him my young daughter said today "I love you as big as the world Rocky!" "I will miss you Rocky"