1996 - 2013

Remy picked me out in a pet store in London. I didn't have a chance. She was a good friend and companion. Her sweet face and disposition were always welcome after a tough day. She made weird little noises which made everybody laugh. Remy was a sucker for tuna, Swiss Chalet chicken, and anything roasted in the oven. Napping in the sunshine was, of course, a favourite activity. Remy was a dog-cat. She'd follow you around, chat, sit by you, sit on you, and maybe bring with a yowl the knitted mouse to our feet as a fine present. You are deeply missed by me and by Linda and your fellow felines Lily and Pumpkin. Soon we shall place you with your old pal Jiminey. Thank you so much for so many years of wonderful memories, Remy. We love you, always.