1999 - 2013

Born on March 19, 1999, Penelope was a breeder and a show dog until she graced our lives on July 5, 2003 after retiring from her busy life as a mother and doing shows. We took her to the park that first day (Sunfest) and were stopped dozens of times while people asked about her. She was a beautiful Yorkie with a quirky personality that always kept us laughing and on our toes. She was sick the last while, but still looked forward to a pet and a biscuit whenever she could get it.

Penelope, you're such a good girl. I hope we brought you as much joy as you did to us. We wish that we could do it all over again. But the joy you gave us is everlasting and we will forever hold you in our hearts. We love you Little Girl and look forward to a time when we will get kisses from your pretty face again. Your ashes will rest in our garden but your spirit is as free as it always was.

Penelope: Mar 19, 1999 to Aug 8, 2013