1994 - 2006

In loving memory of my Pasha. You were given to me on Mother's Day 1994 as a very small puppy. My son, Keith, gave you to me and stated to me that you would be the gift that kept ''giving and giving'' and that you did. You were my first dog and I loved raising you. You brought so much JOY into my life. You had no idea what size you were, anytime a UPS truck came down the street you would chase that truck trying to bite it. You and mirrors was a wonderful combination. You never did figure out who that ''puppy'' was on the other side :) I will always remember you Pasha and as long as you are in my heart you will stay alive. I will see you my baby Pasha when it is my time to cross over. Once I am there we can be together for eternity. I LOVE AND MISS YOU my little Pasha.