Molly Scheeler

1998 - 2013

In memory of our sweet Molly; July 23, 1998 to November 5, 2013

You gave us unconditional love, and many, many, moments of crazy, funny puppy antics, even when you were an older girl you were still very young at heart. We will never forget how you bounded up and down the hall running and bouncing like a bunny rabbit chasing your stuffed moose toy. And the way you laid on your back with paws in the air playing with your Piglet rattle toy. And, how about your giraffe, tossing it around and letting it rest on your back, then wondering where it went? We thought we’d lost you when you got out the door by accident in the coldest days of winter in 2012. After being lost for 7 days, there was a miracle and we found you, but your health was never the same. Deaf, and almost completely blind, and arthritis in your spine and knee’s, and then the doggy Alzheimer’s kicked in. We knew it was time to let you go, but still so very hard. You are now in a better place, the Rainbow Bridge frolicking with Lady, until the day comes when we will join you. We love you Molly, and thank you for being a great dog that we will never forget.