Maxx was a very special guy who was adopted from the Toronto Humane Society, Special Needs. He had only one eye, but he got two "X"'s. Maxx was found in a home with a deceased owner. When he was found, he was a very short time away from starving to death, and had to lose one of his eyes due to what was thought to be untreated glaucoma. It turned out that he had nasal sarcoma, and the prognosis was terminal. Despite his short time with us, he touched us in the most profound ways. When we lost him 11 months after he found us, a huge emptiness was left behind, even though we know those last 11 months of his life were awesome, and spent with people who adored him. Even though he has been gone two years now, we still miss him each and every day. we love you Maxx, our wee Pirate Dog.