Maxine (Max) Peck

1997 - 2010

Max, we miss and love you so much. We were so lucky to have such a gentle and loving dog like you. You gave us unconditional love and asked so little from us. We miss coming home to see you with your toy in your mouth and your tail wagging out of happiness to see us.
Mommy misses your hugs every night when I went to bed. You were truly a one-of-a-kind dog. I still turn the corners in the house and expect to see your always smiling face.
You were the best dog in the world and we will always remember you "Fluff" (as we nicknamed you).
Although 13 years is a good life for a golden retriever, we wish we had so much more time with you.
We'll love you forever!
Love Mommy, Daddy, Melanie and Matthew