1997 - 2009

God looked around and found a home,
For me to come and stay,
It was a place where I was safe,
To love and grow and play.

My days with you were wonderful,
We were the best of friends,
All those special memories,
A bond that will not end.

You cared for me, protected me,
In a world that can be cold.
My life passed by in happiness,
My body growing old.

Don’t cry for me, I was so frail,
I could not fight the pain,
I need to be where I am free,
To run and jump again.

I’ll always be close by your side,
And also in your heart,
Though I appear invisible,
We truly did not part.

When your journey’s over,
And God lightens up your load,
I’ll be right here waiting,
For your step on Heaven’s road.

You are in our hearts forever. We love you and miss you very much.

Love Mommy, Daddy & Madison

RIP Mackenzie
January 3, 1997 to June 11, 2009