Lexus aka Lexy Bear

1999 - 2010

I fought so hard to adopt you, and when I did you had so many problems! What had I taken on? I knew that you wanted to change; that you wanted a fresh start where you could trust people. Together with some training and teamwork we turned you around and gave you a truly wonderful life.

You were a teenaged mom, you'd had a litter of puppies that were separated too early - you were still lactating when I met you at school. You had a bullet in your hip that was revealed on your first set of x-rays. You'd been beaten by a man as I discovered you were terrified of rulers, hockey sticks, and anything held above your head. At first you hated men; especially those with hats, glasses, and beards. How proud I was of you when we returned to school second year and you could be pet by anyone, including men, when at first you couldn't be in the same room with them.

You inspired me to fight for the rights of persecuted breeds like your own, and you joined me in protests, fundraisers, newspaper interviews...everyone who met you had their minds changed about "pit bulls". You hated wearing your muzzle after the law was passed, but did it because Mummy asked you to.

The first years of your life, when you were protecting us or the family you could let out a blood curdling growl that sounded more like a jungle cat. It used to give me shivers; I've yet to hear an animal replicate that noise. Over time, we just didn't hear it anymore.

The last two years of your life you joined me at work almost every day, and even sometimes sat with clients as they grieved for their own pets.

You were such a good girl...most of the time...Daddy and I remember the time you ate the strawberry wafers off the coffee table after we'd gone out. You got a sugar high and ran around the house knocking over all the garbage cans! Silly puppy dog! Two summers ago you grabbed a black and white intruder to your backyard - boy did he show you! Daddy had to strip down and take you in the shower with him...the house stunk for two weeks.

We also remember the scary times, like when you choked on that bone from Old Navy when Mummy was out, and Daddy gave you the heimlich maneuver and saved you...and when you jumped out the window of Daddy's car when he was stopped at a red light. Why did you do that?

You had your share of medical problems. Thank goodness Mummy works as a vet tech - I never could have afforded you! You suffered from: inflammatory bowel disease, skin and food allergies, 2 broken premolars, 5 surgeries for skin cancer (3 of which were malignant), liver disease, arthritis, 2 episodes of vestibular disease, kennel cough, and the occasional eye infection. Eventually the cancer got to your lungs and you had trouble breathing...

You went camping with us, to cottages, to the beach, to visit Great Aunt Eleanor in the nursing home, to every family event... We have pictures of you rock climbing, in a canoe, in an igloo, dressed up in clothes, halloween costumes, opening Christmas presents,munching on the tree that Daddy cut down, sunbathing in a lounge chair, and various times of sleep (to name a few).

You loved: sleeping, playing with friends (human and dog), begging to get on the couch, destroying toys, cuddling, sunshine, playing "find it", and doing anything with Mummy and Daddy.

You hated: rain, snow, baths, swimming, monthly doses of revolution, any medical test, getting up in the morning, and getting caught on the furniture.

You feared: anything small and furry (kittens, ferrets, rats), and Mummy and Daddy being upset with you.

Your snoring was legendary and kept Daddy awake at night. Mummy just smiled in the dark - I loved listening to your cute noises. I never did catch you on video barking and growling in your sleep, but have clips of other noises, and of course, running in your sleep.

You brought our rats Frosty and Moley into our lives because you found them outside, but then were scared of them when they came in to live with us.

I could go on and on, thank God we have pictures and video of everything you've ever done. Mummy's going to need them, I have such a hole in my heart since we let you go lastnight.

My Lexy Bear, Mummy's Angel - why did you have to leave us? I expect to see you at my feet; around every corner. You followed me everywhere, even lay outside the bathroom door waiting for me. Mummy and Daddy are so happy to have had the last 9 years with you, no amount of time would have been enough.

I'm glad your last days were so good for you, you had so many visitors and phonecalls! And all the junkfood you could want! That last night we brought you into work you were surrounded by friends and people who loved you. Mummy and Daddy held you as you peacefully left us. My heart is aching for you Puppy Dog. We will likely bring more dogs into the family in time, but rest assured: you were the one! You were always the one...

I love you Lexy Bear, Mummy and Daddy miss you so much. We'll see you again one day, and you'd better come running as fast as you can when you see us!

Rest in peace my love...