2011 - 2024

Lea, our cherished companion, brought boundless joy and unwavering love into our lives, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. From her playful antics as a puppy chasing butterflies to her comforting presence during tough times, Lea's vibrant spirit and intuitive empathy created an unbreakable bond with Emina and the entire family. Her adventurous nature led us on memorable journeys, where her enthusiasm and joy were contagious. Lea's unique quirks, like tilting her head at noises and watching the world from her favorite window spot, endeared her to all. Her pure, unconditional love greeted us with wagging tails and warm snuggles, forming deep connections with everyone, including children and other animals. Saying goodbye to Lea was incredibly hard, leaving a void in our hearts, but her legacy of love, loyalty, and joy continues to inspire and comfort us. Lea's memory will forever shine brightly, reminding us of the beautiful moments we shared and the true meaning of unconditional love and loyalty.