1993 - 2011

Kally left us March 31st 2011. Here is her heroic story from the Purina Hall of Fame:

It was 2 am in the morning when I was wakened by my old gal Beagle Kally. She
was crying and pawing the bed and insisting I get up. At first I told her to
leave me alone and rolled over but a little voice in my head reminded me that a
policeman once warned me to "always listen to your dog". So, groggy, now I could
hear a faint peeping in the distance. I followed the sound from where I was on
the third floor to the basement to discover it was the smoke an fire detector,
and my basement was full of smoke!  I ran all the way back up 3 flights of
stairs to get Kally, after all I couldn't leave her behind. Four fire trucks and
12 firemen later, I was told that the relay pump to the well had caught fire,
and was also burning the oil line to the furnace. Kally saved my life, and now I
have properly interconnected smoke and fire alarms to help her help protect us.
She is 17 now, and doesn't see or hear too well anymore. She can only tell I am
there by that great sense of smell she still has, always the protector and my
best friend.