Jonas Claydon

1998 - 2012

Jonas was a loving careing soul,he touched many peoples and his furry friends lives...everyone loved Jonas as I would tell him as he helped children get over there fear of dogs and adults and would teach his furry friends how to play in his amazeing gentle way he had about him. Jonas was a rescue when he came to me he had been so abused...but he and I turned that all around and made it water under the bridge and he went on to rescue me during some very hard times in my I guess we rescued each other.I am going to miss my best friend but I know he is in a great place being Jonas and he will have no problems and will be waiting for me when I get there doing the wiggle wiggle and a big A WOO when I cross over and he is waiting for me and showing me the way as he always did.I will see you when I get you pumpkin