2001 - 2011

We got Jinx around the 3rd week of Jan back in 2003. She had just turned 2 years old on Jan 11th.

Right away i knew she was a trouble maker! She had jumped up on me and got mud all over me.

Her life before me was spent outside where she ate and slept and her only friend was a turtle that came into her yard, Until of course we took her home.

I instantly started spoiling her, she didnt sleep in a crate anymore she slept in my bed with me and shared my pillow with me.

Obviously for the first little while she was a very quiet dog, just trying to get use to being in a new home. Well once she was comfortable enough (which didnt take long) Thats when all Hell broke loose (so to speak)

She would get into the Garbage no matter how high we put the garbage can she would find a way in. Food on the counters, it didnt matter how far back the food was, she found a way to get it.

We lived in Florida for the first 2 years and while we lived there she loved running into the pool after some ball play (though she wasnt always allowed in the pool) She would see something in the backyard and go running through the screen in the pool area, which my dad would have to fix and 5 minutes later she would be doing it again!

Running into a pond in the backyard where there were Alligators!! Nothing seemed to bother her.

She loved when we moved to Canada where she had her first experiences of snow! She LOVED the snow!

Jinx would spend all day outside in the snow if i would have let her.

I cant tell you how many times she got into things she shouldnt have eaten.

She ate tubs of Margarine (tub included)

She ate Gum

She ate Cholocate cake, 1 1/2 pounds of Fudge

Bag of Bird food


Cat food/ Cat Poop

You name it, she ate it! Jinx never got sick from any of this.

Jinx was a dog that loved car rides! But we couldnt take her food shopping otherwise we wouldnt have anything left when we got home.

Anytime I got out of the car and left her there she would hop into the front seat.

Where ever i went she followed.

Jinx had no problem listening to anyone else as long as her mommy wasnt around, as soon as i walked in the room she could care less about what that other person was saying to her.

Jinx was my 1st baby, She was a great protector over her Family and home and especially me.

She would always be there when i needed a shoulder to cry on. She would always comfort me when i was sick.

No matter what i could count on Jinx!

When she collapsed on Wed March 30, 2011 I was so scared. I would have never guess she had dilated cardiomyopathy. She was responding so well on the Medications that Mat and I both thought she might be the exception that would make it to 2 years since she had such a great home. But unfortunately her heart wouldnt let her get better. So Sunday April 3, 2011 Jinx died in the car with her Mommy and Daddy by her side.

I know it will get easier to cope with, it is just still a shock she isnt here anymore. Mat and I both keep waiting to hear her bark or hear her nails on the hardwood floor or hear her thump as she layed on the floor.

Jinx loved by anyone who met her and was spoiled especially by her Mommy. Jinx will continue to be spoiled in whatever way i can still.

Boobaas- Mommy misses you so so much! Mommy is taking good care of you ball and your favorite toy! You will be forever missed but never forgotten! XOXO <3