1999 - 2011

My baby ``Jake the Snake``... My bestest friend, my little shadow....attached at the hip we were. My heart shattered into a million pieces October 10, 2011 when you passed on. My heart will never be completely whole like it was when you were here. You enriched the lives of everyone that had the pleasure of knowing you, for that I am grateful!! Everyone always said how CUTE, smart, friendly and funny you were :) A PERFECT member of our family for 12 great years, always there when no one else could be or was. You could cheer ANYONE up with a loving ``face wash``. You were always unconditionally loving, loyal, friendly, smart, happy, fun, quirky and sneaky when it came to stealing warm spots on the couch :) A part of our daily lives you always were, you never wanted to be alone which is why you almost never were, always wanted to be with us ``your pack`` and ``your pack`` we were!!! Extremely loved by all of us, we ALL miss you SOOO much already and ALWAYS will. SO many AMAZING memories with you my friend, ALWAYS REMEMBERING our quiet nights in our chair ``hip to hip``, your ability to ALWAYS find me and wait patiently for me to be done whatever I was doing so we could share a pat or two, your love and patience for our newest addition to our family a newborn baby, our walks and the way you wiggled with happiness on your back when we got home from them, the joy you brought me when we played and acted silly, our cuddles, our car rides, our talks and the way you`d look at me with everlasting love in your eyes and then give me a ``face wash``. NEVER FORGOTTEN will be your vocal ``hellos`` when your dad came home from work, the bum scratches you loved from him and the afternoons outside and in the garage, your constant fun filled adventures, truck rides & naps with ``that guy`` A.k.a Grandpa, your sun bathing by the pool, kisses, cuddles & cookies with Grandma and your ``hide n seek`` & ``get`em`` games with Jerry, always followed by lots of love that Jerry gave ya!! You fought your hardest to stay here with us my friend I know you did!!!! Always happy and never complained, not even at the end. You had a LOOK of PEACE when you passed, I know because I was staring into your eyes... I can only HOPE with ALL my HEART that LOOK also represents the FEELING you had inside...PEACE. Attached at the hip we will always be...your paw print will be tattooed with ink on me, making it eternally you and me. The Rainbow Bridge is your home for now my friend so eat lots of your favorite treat CARROTS, run run RUUUUNNN, play and find all your OLD FRIENDS :) I will FOREVER look forward to the day we meet again my bestest friend and to see you come running, happy and full of life once again!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you and will miss you ALWAYS my Jake the Snake !!! Luv 4/Ever & Always Mommy xoxoxo