Gypsy (guide dog)

Gypsy was, and always will be my `canine soulmate`. I was paired with her on 11/11/98 when she was 22 months old and within two days in class. We had a very unique and close bond, she was my `girlie girl`. She crossed over the
`Rainbow Bridge` on 07/16/11 in her 15 year and I miss her terribly. There is an ever present ache in my heart as though part of it has been torn out. On the day of her passing, we would have been together for 12 years and 8 months. I adopted her when she retired from service as I couldn`t let her could I! She saved my life twice during her working career. So, now I have her ashes because I still can`t let her go...I, when I am able, have a special place picked out for her final resting place in my home with her favourtie toy (a plush duck that quacked), her leash and collar and a Willow angel holding a yellow puppy. I miss you Gypsy...till we meet again `Girlie Girl`. Hugs and kisses....Mom