1998 - 2010

Let me start by saying that George was the ultimate cat. She had her own personality that's for sure. When she was angry about being held too long she would let you know by stomping away down the hall. When she wanted love (which generally wasnt for too long), she would come and rub your leg, or hop up on the couch beside you. You could pick her up and hold her, pet her fur and kiss her furry little head til she had enough. Then she was away.
We loved her so much and it hurts to know that we will never be able to pet her soft white fluffy fur again. We won't be able to hear her meow when she only has 5 pieces of kibble left in her bowl, or feel so loved and complete by having her have a nap beside us and listen to her slow even purr.
We feel that her life was cut way too short and we are left with huge holes and empty spaces in our hearts.
We love you George, our little baby girl. Kisses and Hugz

Luv mom and dad

George Traviss/Warawa
May 1998 - April 2010