2009 - 2022

On the morning of May 8th 2022, I lost my best friend.

I grew up with Gaby for almost 13 years of my life.
Gaby brought so much joy, laughter, and warmth into every heart that she touched. Everyone who saw photos of her would smile at her infectious and quirky smile. Gaby was always so personable, and would never fail to make an impression on anyone. Though she was never very “dog-like” and sat around like a couch potato, she enjoyed every moment of it. The occasional walk, or just going to sit outside in the backyard would suffice, but nothing beat the couch or my spot on the bed. Gaby was spoiled rotten even with not a lot of money in my pocket—call her a princess even—she had a huge crate, loved her stroller rides, and would occasionally get a beloved human food treat.