1995 - 2009

She was admired by everyone who met her and she converted many non-cat people to cat-admirers. Many times when visiting people would say "I've never really liked cats but Faith makes me want one."

Some cats look at you as a parent or as a sibling. Faith looked on me as her Human mate, showing jealousy of other cats and even giving me the cold shoulder when I showed favour to the other pets.

She had the gentlest touch and fur softer than a rabbit's. Her song-like meow and her gentle purr would make you feel special. You would feel privileged to have her sit on your lap as she was truly royalty. When she slept upon you she was always light and never a nuisance. On occasion you could be so lucky to have her put her soft little paws under your neck as you slept, gently purring and caressing you to sleep.

She will be missed by many.