1992 - 2009

Dartanyan, who’s namesake came from the fourth musketeer, d’Artagnan, was a steady constant in our lives. Confident, courageous, sweet natured and loving. He was the consummate ruler/leader of our cats. He set an example for all the others. Amadeus was his own, special living ‘toy’ that he picked out, that is, until Amadeus had his say!

So, a big brother he became and he took his role very seriously. He looked out for and protected his brother. He even stood up for him when he got in trouble with us! Dartanyan eventually (to his dismay) became a big brother to Montgomery and, after Amadeus passed away, to Malachy and Ciaragain. These last few years Dartanyan grew to love Malachy and affectionately tolerated the other two.

We will all miss him VERY much. When we go in to the fridge, he won’t be sticking his head in as if to say “… what are you getting for me?” When we are cutting up cheese, opening cheese slices, or sour cream, making a bologna sandwich, he won’t be there stretching up as far as he possibly could to the counter and with an adorable, soft, quiet ‘meow?’ asking ".... is there any for me please?”

He is irreplaceable, as they all are. He left us as he came to us, purring.

Although he has been terminally ill for some time, he still had joy in his life; Love, his brush, his chair, his basket, his couch, our laps, his favourite people foods, and, of course, treats, treats, treats. He will be cremated with his favourite toys and will join Amadeus in a memorial garden.

Goodnight Sweet Prince