Colby- Courtnee-Graham

Colby, My Precious Shih-Tzu, who was Born : August 11th, 1999 and had Died December 2nd, 2010 approx: 11:35am.She is Sadly Missed By her Daughter,Courtnee, Son George, Her Husband Kantra, Her Great Friend Kailor, and Timmee her Play Mate ! Kailor has been Crying non stop- Now that I brought your Ashes Home today- Dec.7th, 10 -I really hope that you can "Comfort Him" ! GOD BLESS YOU BABY GIRL !! Now you Finally are "Pain Free" after all these years ! I MISS YOU TERRIBLY ! I think Courtnee, will be joining you soon ? Please Find MATAEO - you will really LOVE him. All your kids and Husband are 10-13, so soon you can Play with them all up in Doggie Heaven ! GOD BLESS YOU BABY !!! I'll LOVE YOU My SWEET FACE for EVER !!! Love YOUR Mommy XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO