2008 - 2021

RIP Chile ❀
March 2008 - March 2021
You were a fighter and my best friend for nearly 14 years.
You've been here with me for every relationship I've ever had. Through thick and thin. Heartache πŸ’” and happiness 😊.
There's no one who could cheer me up more than your 'ROOs' and excited tail wags and running around me in excitement to see me everyday.
We went to work together for nearly 14 years. Chile is as much a part of the company, as I am. She was our 'Walmart greeter'.
Chile loved getting treats from the Purolator man, going for walks and camping πŸ•.
She will forever be famous for her personality and cheerful nature. Chile did not like to be left at home- and she let you know with an angry ROO or stare if she didn't approve of your behavior!
Chile- I don't know what I am going to do in sad times or hard times. You were my rock for as many years as this wild entrepreneur adventure.
You were my rock , best friend πŸ’• and I will forever cherish our memories together.
Let this day be the last you suffer, and I'm so πŸ˜₯ sad that we didn't get more time. I was hoping this summer we could have one more camping season.
RIP my sweet fighter, friend and gem.
May you never suffer another day.

Chile was rescued and born in a puppy mill. She had pneumonia and kennel cough from the very beginning.
Chile was a fighter. She lived through pneumonia and went on to have a healthy 6 more years, before being diagnosed with anemia, immunosuppressive disease and heart disease. Chile fought all odds and University of Guelph directed her care.

Chile survived heart disease, and anemia for the last 7 years. Her quality of life was great and suffering was little until recently.

Her enlarged heart ❀ and breathing took their final toll. πŸ’”
Chile was sadly euthanized, to end her suffering.

This post is my tribute to the fun nature of Chile and our forever bond.

I've never lost a pet before. And Chile will certainly never been forgotten.
πŸ™RIP πŸ™ Chile.
Papa loves you.