1993 - 2009

To my best friend who i lost forever and a big part of me went with him.I will never forget you chieff you were everything to me you made my life pleasant and happy now that you are gone iam so heart broken what am i going to do without you my friend i feel lost without you and guilty for the decision i had to make please forgive me i just did not want to see you in pain anymore.I hope you are somewhere were you will be so happy and i pray god has such a place for you and i hope you will wait for me because i just want to be with you so much but just not now i have things to finish hear first so untill then my friend i will miss so much and i will never forget you chieff just like the rest of the family chieff they miss you so much cause you had and still have made such a huge impact in our lifes your brought me such joy and happiness and i will never experince what i have with you chieff and 1 more thing please forgive me and my mistakes i have made in the past i love you my friend so much i willsee you one day...........LOVE DARREN & FAMILY