Bullet Bisquit Turcotte

2001 - 2010

Bullet came to us unexpectedly, yet he made our lives complete. He was smart, caring, supportive, loyal, and full of life. He loved to be outside running around or just relaxing. He loved being with his family. He developed bone cancer in the fall of 2009, and to save him, we had his right front leg amputated. He healed amazingly well and still got around as if he had all 4 legs. He beat the odds and lived for 8 more months, and at month 6 was deemed cancer free when he blew out his back right knee from the pounding he had to do to walk with 3 legs. He underwent another operation to rebuild his knee and the healing process was slow but he was still very brave and hard to keep still. A short while after his healing was supposed to be complete, he started having trouble walking and wasn't himself. A trip to the vet revealed shocking results; Bullet had cancer back in his rebuilt knee and femur. Within just days, Bullet began suffering tremendously. He was still as loving as ever, and as courageous as he could be. He was trying to walk for us, I believe. We loved Bullet; he was number 5 in our family. He was loved by all who knew him. He was a dog but he had character; almost human qualities at times. Bullet surpassed his 9th birthday by 2 days. He had a great life, despite some bumps along the way. He was loved beyond measure. He was the best friend and companion anyone could have. Our house is now empty and quiet. There is nobody there to greet us so happily as we come home, or to be devastatingly sad when we leave. There is no wet nose nudging us when we are sad to let us know he is there for us, and no soft fur to pet. We have the memories now! We all miss Bullet! May he rest in peace, painfree, and able to run again with nothing holding him back. Until we meet again, we will forever cherish the memories of our loving family companion, Bullet Bisquit Turcotte.