1998 - 2011

My lovely beloved cat Blanche died September 16th.

It was very unexpected and happened just after the had been running around the house like a "crazy cat" like she did when she was happy.
Just a few minutes later, I heard her fall down the stairs, and when I got to her she was laying at the bottom of the stairs. Even though I tried to help her, and revive her...she died very quickly, in my arms. I do take some comfort in the fact that just minutes before she was in my arms, and we were looking out the back window, and I kissed her ear. The fact that I was also there with her when she took her last breath was a gift...and I know she felt safe and loved.

I am sure most of you who know me...know that Blanche was my baby, and I loved her so much. I am still truly in shock that this has even happened. It's surreal to me that I will no longer hear her "stomp" across the kitchen floor, or feel her jump on our bed every night, and keep my feet warm...or the sound of her chattering at the birds and rabbits in the yard.
She was an independent soulful cat, but always let me know that I was loved. Rarely would she not greet me at the door when I came in the front door...and she was obsessively in my lap as I ate my morning cereal. She would then keep Ray company a little later in the morning as he ate his breakfast over the morning paper. She was a true companion...and her presence was constant. My mornings would start with her in my face, and the evenings would end with her on the living room floor, on her back "showing her stuff"

She was brought into my life in May 1998 through Dianne Corner...and I will forever remember the day that Kristen and I drove out of town to pick her up. I saw the one black kitten in the litter, and knew right away I would name her "Blanche" (after one of my favourite movie characters in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane") She slept in my lap the whole drive home. She was nrought into my life at a time where I was just starting a whole new chapter.
Blanche did have to endure the occasional beating from her older sister (RIP) "Margaret" for years...but they loved each other regardless.

Blanche was literally with me through my happiest and saddest life's moments, and I am truly grateful for that.
Perhaps the last couple of years were her happiest...she loved living in our house, and I will always remember the moment I brought her to Rays (now my) home for the first time, opened her cage...and she just froze in her tracks. Probably overwhelmed by all the space? but for me...having my Blanche here, in this house...with Ray was a magical and solidifying moment.

Thank you to everyone who ever looked after Blanche when I was away: Anna, Kristen, Marguerite, Jade & Leanne, and most importantly my mom...who traveled in bad winter storms at times to make sure she not only was fed, but also had company. Blanche loved my mom very much. Also thank you to Anna for making it better,and Kristen and Teresa for their kind and comforting words today...they meant so much. You are amazing friends.

Thank you to Ray, who I know fell in love with her, just as she did him. There were many times Blanche would go to Ray for "extra love"...and she kept him company in return, right up until she passed away today. I think she was extra happy that he decided to come home for lunch today, and sat with him and looked out the window as he ate his lunch.

My grandmother always said "there is a special place in heaven for animals...and for the people that love them like no other" Although I am truly saddened and missing her beyond belief...I am given some comfort knowing that she is in her heaven, with my grandmother Dorothy, being well loved.

Blanche...thank you for being in my life. For making me feel safe and loved, even in dark and grey times...and also for making me laugh and smile on a daily basis. When you were in my arms, and I could smell that "cat fur smell" that I love so...I was so content and happy.

Now rest Blanche...I will always love you.