2006 - 2024

A one of a kind, best friend. You were verything to me during some of the worst times on my life. You never let me cry alone, you never let me feel alone and you never let me forget that it was time to give you cheese. You were one of the best decisions I ever made in life.

Having had Bippy for 18 years I can unequivocally say that you were my soul cat. There will never be a purr beast like you, and never another for me. You saved me innumerable times. You were and still are, one of the great loves of my life.

Thank you for starting the cat avalanche of the family. Only the goodest of boys could have started that. Thank you for loving Olivia as she came into our lives. Thanks for showing the ropes to all the animals we've had over the years. Thanks for grounding me and reminding me of what is important.

Please, blurp in heaven and, if nothing else, please meet me at the bridge when it's my time. I will look for you, I promise.

Love forever,
mom, dad, Livy, Luna, Bear and Cayde.