1992 - 2009

Becky was my best buddy for 16 years. We went everywhere together. I loved to let her out of the car when I picked up Alex at school or the university dorm, where she always found leftover pizza or aftermaths of wild student parties to munch on. Beckie was an Irish Terrier X that we adopted from the THS in 1994 at 1 y.o. or so, knowing nothing about her. She turned out to be so pretty, full of life, and loved people and every other animal. Beckie would steal your mittens in winter, or your picnic lunch in summer and prance around with her prize. She brought me a baby rabbit once that she found somewhere in the field, delicately held alive in her mouth with its little rear legs kicking. I was packing a suitcase for a trip once and she kept stealing my sandals and hiding them in other parts of the house. She always made us laugh so much with her antics, even when she rolled in mud (but not so much when she found rotten animals or other foul material to roll in to delight us with the putrid smell.) It's wrong to say that I wish I could have gone with you Beckie. You crossed over the Bridge ahead of me but wait there, with my dad and other loved ones. Goodbye for now, Silly Mutt.