Bandit Hobbs

1996 - 2012

To my gentle Baby Bandit, my Christmas Miracle. You passed away yesterday, just 2 days after your Sweet 16th birthday. When I look at this picture of you, I remember my REAL Bandy, before that awful brain tumour changed your life. I remember the day I first saw you in that cage at the Toronto Humane Society, only 3 months old and playing with a teddy bear that was almost as big as you were! You were the last one left of your litter (how nobody picked you I'll never know!) and I remember saying to Mum, "That little kitty is coming home with me!" Your personality was apparent right from the start, and you never wavered. You were always so good-natured, always the peace-maker when the other kitties got out of hand. At the tender age of only 9 months, we thought we were going to lose you to FIP - but your spirit has always been strong. You fought hard, and won another 15 years and 3 months that we never thought you'd have. You showed that same strength of spirit right to the end - thank you for that last little "head-butt" telling me it was ok to let you go. I miss you sleeping on my pillow every night, and I miss your little furry body under the covers with me when the cold winters came. You are my best boy, Mummy and Daddy love you very, very much. Thank you for being such a special part of our lives. We will never forget you, and look forward to the day we are all reunited at the Rainbow Bridge. Sleep well, my Little Bandit. Love, Mummy, Daddy, Dusti & Fluffy