1993 - 2012

My Bandit, my Begie, Freddie Fred, Mr.B.
I really miss you. I had you since I was 10 years old. I remember you from the very day my sister brought you home. You were such a tiny little black and white kitty. And you were meant to be for Janene. You kept coming over to me, and making my sister mad because you were her cat. I remember the first time you fell asleep on my chest. You were so tiny. And when my sister moved back home with you, I was so happy. You would sneak away from her room and go into mine. Finally she gave up and gave you to me. I remember when mom would wake me up for school, and she would turn on the night and you would come running and jump on the bed and kiss me and head butt me and purr and purr. My mom would say Bandit go wake up Julia. I remember when you peed on my Barbie’s, and I told you I am not speaking to you. Playing house with you, and trying to dress you up as a baby, and you did not like that. But I would brush you afterwards to make up for dressing you up. One day I played hair dresser with you, and put hair gel in you fur, and made it all spikey…and when Janene saw what I did…well she killed me and made me wash out your fur. I thought she would like your new hair style, instead she said, “why does he look so frizzed?”. And you peeing on my backpack, and going on the school bus and everyone saying ewew something smells. I remember one day saying to my brother and his friend Max how much I love Bandit, I love, love, love , love Bandit, and Max telling me “if you love him so much then why don’t you Marry him” and I said fine I will. And I told my sister I am going to Marry Bandit, and she said “No, no….first he has to be your boyfriend, and then he has to be your fiancé, and then you can get Married to him” So I told family that Bandit is my boyfriend…I could not figure out why they looked concerned  . When I was a teenager and never around, I would always wake up with you in my bed. I always use to say to you, how I wish you were human, because you would be the best boyfriend. When I would cry, you would be there, and when I was sick you would be there. You were there for a long time in my life. And when I moved away from home, I always thought of you, and one day living with you again. And then you did get to live with me again, for three more years. I would have gotten you sooner, but at the time Stephen had Snoogans, and he was a really hyper cat, and I did not know Snoogans well enough at that time. I was scared of what he might do to you, and as time went on Snoogans calmed down, and I got to have you again. On Wednesday, February, 2nd 2012 you passed away in my arms. The pain in my heart and the loneliness I feel, I heard will one day get better, all I need is time. I really hope that I will get to be with you again. You were one of a kind. You lived to be 19 years old. Even if you were to live longer, I understand now, that there would never be enough time with you. I am thankful that I got to have you a second time in my life. I miss your kisses and purrs and waking up with you in the bed. I miss calling your name. I miss kissing you, and hugging you, and carrying you in my arms, and falling asleep with you. I miss you drinking out of my water glass. I would always have to bring two cups of water, one for me and one for you. I miss coming home and you being there. Reading a book or watching TV or a movie, you were there. Your daddy and brother miss you just as much as me. Your will always be in their hearts. Oh my Begie I really miss you so much. You really did have my heart. I miss you and I will love you for always, I will love you forever, as long as I am living in my heart and mind you will be.