Trouble Gaigneur

1996 - 2010

On April 12th 2010 I lost my best friend. She was my babygirl an constant shadow. One day she got sick an had to be taken to the vet and that's when her life an ours changed forever. You see my babygirl was diagnosed with terminal cancer and from there her life changed everyday but my love for her grew stronger. She was 13 yrs old but she was like a kitten who loved to chase paper balls an play an curl up on my pillow around my head an give me kisses. She didnt want to go an we didn't want her to. But cancer took away her one back leg an filled her tiny body with cancer. Everyday was painful for her.She was so strong an didn't care if she had to drag her leg as long as she had us close. I love her an miss her so much, life will never be the same without her. She was a gift from God an i thank him for her being in my life an Family.