1994 - 2009

Tiffany our beloved Yorkie passed away very suddenly at her favourite place Sauble Beach. She is now in doggie heaven looking for the best sun spot to relax in after chasing all the squirrels and chipmunks she can find. She will always be remembered as a loyal,faithful friend who gave loads of unconditional love to all she cared for. We have such great stories and memories of her: from dancing like a ballerina in her repertoire of tricks; to being a drama queen when having a blood test done @ Doc. Kevin's; raiding Grandma's purse for treats; absconding with people food to save for a late night snack and being "Tiffany The Spice Girl". How lucky we were to have her for fifteen and a half years but she was still gone too soon.

Until we meet again sweet lamb know both your sisters Tira & Taryn; your Mommies and all your family & friends will always love you and forever carry you in the deep paw prints you left on all our hearts.