2000 - 2009

Tammy, we will always remember you as if it was yesterday, the first day we brought you home. You were so small and cuddly. Watching you grow had been a blessing each and every day from that little girl into the lady you had become. The times we will cherich-all the walks in the park, the barking that you did to protect your family. I know this is hard for us to say our good-byes, but we know you wil not be gone as long as we hold onto you in our mind. One day we shall meet again in that special place in the sky, and it will be as if no time has passed, it will be as if we never said goodbye.
You were so smart and did a lot for us as simple as getting the newspaper every-day for us and we will not forget that.
So girl, run and play wherever you may be like you have never run before. We will see those beautiful big brown eyes again looking up at us from the door.
Rest in Peace Tammy, we love you.