2009 - 2011

I miss...

...how you would jump in bed and cuddle up to me the minute Dad left the room.
...the sound of you shaking and flapping your ears before jumping in bed.
...how you would run in the kids rooms and jump in their beds if they left their doors open.
...watching you get thrown out of the kids rooms when you teased them too much.
...our mornings together when you would sit on my lap so I could scratch behind your ears and kiss the top of your fuzzy little head and tell you what a handsome good boy you are.
...how happy your were to greet us when we came home. Your whole body wagged.
...how excited and happy you were to go for a walk.
...the sound of your bell jingling in the bush when we walked the trail.
...how protective you were of me.
...how you would stretch as tall as you could to try to watch me working in the kitchen.
...going for rides in the SUV, truck, ATV or boat with you. You were always so happy just to be included.
...playing fetch with you.
...playing tag with you.
...watching you chase squirrels and chipmunks and bears.
...how you would throw your own ball if no one would play with you.
...how happy you were to get a treat.
...watching you bury your bones.
...the way you bounced around the yard like Pepe Le Pew.
...how you could understand what I was saying to you.
...watching you 'help' Dad with his outside chores.
...how proud you looked when you sat on Daddy's lap.
...how proud you looked after you were groomed.
...including you in all of our holidays and celebrations and watching you playing and enjoying the occasions.
...the sound of your nails on the floor following me around the house.

I'll never forget...

...how we went to bed and you cuddled up to my chest and slept in my arms the last night you were at home - the one and only time you did that. Did you know then it was your last night at home? Were you saying 'good-bye'?
...how you quietly put your head down against my chest when my heart dropped as the vet said you had to stay overnight.
...how even though you were so sick, you had so many tail wags for me when I went to get you in your kennel at the vet's.
...our last, long, dark, rainy, ride to Toronto. It felt like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from. I didn't know then that you wouldn't be coming back with me.
...how you looked the doctor in the eye as she gave you the anethetic that would send you to the Rainbow Bridge, like you welcomed it. You knew it was time to go.

I miss YOU, and I'll never forget YOU, Squiggles, my little buddy.