Squeak (aka The Doodler)

Squeak was our rescue from the Toronto Humane Society, Special Needs. When he came to us, he was already blind and deaf, and had Cushing's disease. We thought no one would want him with all those problems, and so he came to us. He was an ornery little man; he growled when we picked him up, snapped at you, made "statements" in the house, and was in very short order, our little wee man. He would cry in his sleep for the first while, and Mummy would spend half the night stroking his little head, trying to make it all better. We tried to make every day his birthday to make up for the unhappiness of the first half of his life, but instead, he made every day our birthday. He was my little man, and though he has only been gone a few hours, I miss him so much....He was our little fuzzy white Doodler...Rest in Peace my wee man...I am sure that Indigo and Maxx were waiting for you.......LOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOU. Miss you more than you know...XOXO