Sidney Seymour Shean

In memory of my best friend and faithful companion of 11 years Sidney Seymour...I love you and miss you so very much..You enriched my life so much and made life a better place just by sharing your life with me..Thankyou for your unconditional love and affection through the good times and bad times...I miss waking up to see you sleeping beside my head..Every time i eat a yogurt i think of you as we always shared one together..your blue eyes were un imaginably beautiful..i rememebr when you would call me to bed and be with me in the dark when i was afraid and lonely...I miss you bringing out your toothbrush to remind me to brush your teeth..i miss us sitting together on the balcony in your favourite chair..i miss you always wanting to have a snack with me, especially cheese..on the blackest of my days of depression, you always knew i was hurting and you would look into my eyes to say im here and i care..when you left me, a part of my heart vanished with you..i know you are at peace now although i grieve alot for you..thankyou sidney for sharing your beautiful life with me... i love you and i will never forget you..i know someday somehow we will find each other again.. until then, rest in peace my freind....sadly missed by Dale and Ying