Scartholomew J. Gauder

1998 - 2010

In Loving Memory of Scar.

Scar was always there. Whether you were hurt injured or just upset. Scar new how powerful a nudge from his nose was followed by a loving press against you from his body. Scar was there for me through a very difficult time. After my serious accident I was bed ridden for about a year. Scar kept a silent vigil by my bedside and would always stand next to me with his face resting gently on the bed. Some say Pitt Bulls are vicious dogs. For all those people out there I know they would reconsider their position if only made to spend an afternoon with the Gentle Giant Scar. I know you are in a better place now my friend. I hope you know that I held you close until the end. Your pain is gone and your job is done. We are safe and sound. Worry not hero. Know that you are an animal that has touched the heart of many. Anyone who knew you could not help but comment on your gentle loving nature. You truly were a kind soul. We will love you always and you will never be forgotten. I appreciate everything you were and everything that you gave to me.

Rest well my Son.