Our beloved ‘REMI’
Nov. 12, 1996 - May 2, 2011

Who would have thought that it would be love at first sight… not me that is for sure. I had never had a dog before, so what did I know.
We first saw your brother Homer and I thought he was so cute and then we heard about your other brother Max and knew he was going to a good home. We were super excited when we heard you were for sale, and sight unseen, we just had to have you. You were the runt of the litter. You were so tiny, so soft and furry and so cute. You were just perfect : ) When we decided to buy you Remi, I told myself it was mainly for your siblings Melissa and Jared, but the moment I saw you, I knew you would be like my third child and so our wonderful life together began. I never imagined that it was possible to bond and love you so intensely. From the car ride home in a cardboard box, to when Daddy and I had to make the difficult decision on May 2, 2011 to let you go. It was pure unconditional love. I hope you know that it was the hardest decision of our lives, but we wanted you to be painfree and healthy again. Yes, I wanted to be selfish and keep you with me so I could continue to enjoy everyday life with you, but I knew in my heart that you were tired and hurting, so I said goodbye. It broke my heart because you were my special furry friend with the big eyes and little pink tongue. You were my constant companion through the good times and bad for the last 14 ½ years. When I was with you we had fun and when I was away from you, I missed and worried about you. What a funny little personality you had and such a sweet disposition. When we would venture on our walks, every person you encountered just wanted to take you home because they thought you were so cute and so friendly, and they were right and I was so proud to be your Mommy.
Throughout your many years with us, I know you were uncomfortable at times with your health setbacks, but I did my best to comfort you and nurse you and I hope I made you feel better. We have so many wonderful memories of you Remi and I would get so excited sharing stories about you to our family and friends. They all realize how much I cared about you and how I miss you so. I am very sad without you, but Daddy reminds me that you were such a happy little guy and you wouldn’t want me to be sad, but to remember all the good times with you and cherish them forever. I promise I will do that.
Thank you for all that you brought to our lives. You have left a permanent paw print on my heart. I think of you every moment and pray you are healthy and happy and running free with your brother Max and cousins Calvin, Monte, Cheemo, Sammy, Thor and Leo. My dear Remi, you were definitely one-of-a-kind and you will never, ever be forgotten. I know one day we will see each other again and it will be a wonderful reunion. Until then, rest in peace our beloved Remi.

Mommy, Daddy, Melissa and Jared xxxxoooo