My dear Remi,

It is with tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart, I write this tribute to you on the first anniversary of your passing (May 2)… I relive that heartbreaking day when Daddy and I had to lay you to rest. I didn’t want to let you go… I wanted you to stay with me, but we knew you were hurting and the vet said you were tired, so we said goodbye… it was so very painful. Some days it feels like it was only yesterday, but it has been a whole year. One whole year without you snuggled beside me in bed, one year without seeing your tail wagging furiously when we said ‘walk’ or ‘car’ or ‘who is here?’ I miss looking at your sweet face so full of expression. I miss your funny little antics and lovable personality… you were so smart and understood our every word. Even when you were being stubborn, you were so cute. There will never be another you my beloved Remi…

I have said many times that when you came into my life, you changed it forever and when we parted, I would never been the same. There is a hole in my heart that will never be fixed. It cannot heal until we are reunited again. The house is so quiet without you, without your gentle woofs, without you clicking on the floor as you wandered throughout the house, without you pushing every closed door open to see what I was up to. All of those sounds are gone and at night I sometimes cry because I want to hear them again. Of course, there are other sounds that I hear now and I think to myself I am glad you don’t have to fret about them any more… the loud thunderstorms, the holiday fireworks, the sirens blaring and even the oven preheating… those noises frightened you and it broke my heart to see you shaking uncontrollably and no matter how hard I tried to comfort you, I could not… I am glad you don’t have to worry about encountering the stupid skunks spraying you for that was so unpleasant and uncomfortable for you.

You were such a good boy and we all loved you so much… I still get so emotional when I think about you, wishing you were still here, but sometimes my tears are of joy because you made me so happy. I talk about you often and I love to share the stories about our life together. We had 14 ½ wonderful years for which I am so very grateful. You had your share of health issues, and I tried my best to comfort you during those times. I hope you know how much I loved you and how much I miss you. I will never forget you my furry little friend. You were my first puppy, my first furbaby and having you in my life helped me accept and appreciate the beauty of all animals. You did that. You were a special boy… my very special boy. Thank you Remi….

Until we meet again,

your Mommy always