2006 - 2021

Prince (Princey, Pookey) - June 2006 - January 7, 2021
Just over 14 years ago, our family was touched by royalty; a prince came into our life in September of 2006. Fittingly, his name was Prince, an 8-week-old Chinese Crested Powderpuff with an interesting background; originally a Mexican breed that was altered by the Chinese, he was born in Washington state (which we never held against him) and adopted by an amazing and loving Canadian family.

He was hand-picked to fill a void in our hearts that was left by the untimely death of a wonderful mom/grandma; and he achieved that goal from day one.
He immediately bonded with his new fur-brother, the late Mickey. And then he met his brother and sisters for the first time when they arrived home from their first day of school that year. The ground rules were immediately laid down, and we were going to “crate train” our new dog, “no dogs will sleep in this bed”. Yeah right, thought the little prince; a mere 10 minutes of crying and he was in our bed.

Within his first year, he assumed the new role of big brother, when Bear (another Chinese Crested PP) joined our family. And they were partners in crime for the next 14 years; Princey and Bear-Bear. He was a prince indeed, becoming more and more loving the older he got; although he always had lots of love for strangers and getting them to focus their attention on him.

Prince was perfect, breed standard, 100%...well, minus one small flaw. He loved to eat. Failing to realize he was from a grazing breed; Prince would devour his food and then attempt to move on to Bear’s leftovers. Oh, and then there was his obsession with keeping the yard clean by eating his brother’s poops.
He had a special place in each of our hearts; he loved and was loved. He was irreplaceable and will be dearly missed. Good night sweet Prince, our hearts will always have a place filled with memories of you.