Pedro Wiederhold

1988 - 2010

Our sweet girl Pedro passed away in my arms on Feb 10th 2010. Until her very last days she gave us unconditional love, and so many years of laughter, with her inquisitive nature and sweet expressions. For years we would giggle when she'd lay on daddy's lap and give him the most adoring of glances - "she's giving you the Nancy eyes again" I used to say (Nancy eyes refering to the adoring looks Nancy Regan used to bestow on her Ronald Regan). That little cat loved her human daddy.
I miss you terribly my little friend, from your outrageously loud purr, to your perchant for a good snuggle, and your pushy nature of insisting on sitting on your human companions whenever you had the chance, not to mention your daily wake up call when you wanted breakfast. What a wonderful companion you were.............