Oreo Molnar

1999 - 2010

Our Most precious loving, beautiful one of a kind member of our family. Oreo our Springer Spannel was a true gift from God, his very gentle soul and spirit lives on forever. The most special, affectionate loving boy springer spanniel hat we could have ever wished for in the world. Our very gorgeous and precious one of a kind Oreo left our lives at 10 1/2 years of age just before his 11th birthday. He is forever loved, thought of and in our hearts forever. His one of a kind presence and gentleness is felt all around us and his twin brother springer Cookie that he left behind. Oreo was and is one of a kind and he is too precious to ever be forgotten. Hopey Faithy Cookie and us love you forever and Please please take care of your little little sister Faithy Girl. You both fill our hearts and souls forever.